Andrew J. Rhodes, "Research on the Development of a Poliomyelitis Vaccine: Toronto, 1950-1953," Canadian Medical Association Journal 75 (July 1, 1956): 48-49
Robert. D. Defries, "Present Status of Poliomyelitis Vaccination," Canadian Medical Association Journal 77 (October 1, 1957): 663-70
Other seminal articles reprinted in this special publication:
  • Joseph F. Morgan, Helen J. Morton and Raymond C. Parker, "Nutrition of Animal Cells in Tissue Culture. I. Initial Studies on a Synthetic Medium" Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 73 (1950): 1-8
  • Joan C. Thicke, Darline Duncan, William Wood, A.E. Franklin and A.J. Rhodes, "Cultivation of Poliomyelitis Virus in Tissue Culture. I. Growth of the Lansing Strain in Human Embryonic Tissues," Canadian Journal of Medical Sciences 30 (July 1952): 231-245
  • L.N. Farrell, W. Wood, A.E. Franklin, F.T. Shimada, H.G. Macmorine and A.J. Rhodes, "Cultivation of Poliomyelitis in Tissue Culture. VI. Methods for Quantity Production of Poliomyelitis Viruses in Cultures of Monkey Kidney," Canadian Journal of Public Health 44 (Aug 1953): 273-250
  • L.N. Farrell, W. Wood, H.G. Macmorine, F.T. Shimada and D.G. Graham, "Preparation of Poliomyelitis Virus for Production of Vaccine for the 1954 Field Trial," Canadian Journal of Public Health 46 (July 1955): 265-272
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Out of this collection of reprints, two significant summary articles covering the development of the Salk vaccine at Connaught Medical Research Laboratories, and the public health impact of its initial use in Canada, are publicly available online.


Publications Representing the Essential Scientific Contributions Made by Canadian Scientists of the Connaught Medical Research Laboratories (now sanofi pasteur) in the Development of the Salk Polio Vaccine

This collection of reprints was published as part of a travelling multimedia historical exhibit produced by Sanofi Pasteur Limited (Connaught Campus), Toronto, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Salk Polio Vaccine, and in particular to honour 12 key members of the original Polio Vaccine Research/ Development/ Production team at Connaught:

Andrew J. Rhodes | Joseph F. Morgan | Helen J. Morton | Raymond C. Parker | Arthur F. Franklin | Leone N. Farrell | Frank T. Shimada | Hilda G. Macmorine | William J. Wood | Charles W.J. Armstrong | Donald R.E. Macleod | Robert D. Defries

For additional resources summarizing the work of this team, browse the Polio History pages on this site, and in particular the article available by following this link.

Highlights of the travelling historical exhibit are available here.

This special publication was originally produced for the Canadian Public Health Association's 2005 Certificate of Merit Award, given September 19, 2005 in Ottawa at the CPHA Annual Meeting, to the Connaught Medical Research Laoratories' twelve-member Polio Vaccine Research Team.
Video clip of CPHA Award of Merit Presentation to Connaught Medical Research Laboratories Polio Vaccine Research Team, Ottawa, September 19, 2005

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